Social VR worlds and apps are virtual environments in which multiple persons can gather and interact.  Each participant is represented by an avatar through which the participant can typically move about, talk with and listen to other user avatars.

Most of these worlds/apps can be highly customized.  Users can typically select and design characteristics of their avatars.  Administrators can usually create the virtual environment, which can include the setting, architecture, decorations, amenities, and activities.  As with physical spaces, virtual environments can be designed for different sized gatherings, from a few virtual participants up to thousands.

The flexibility of social VR Worlds and apps makes them ideal for mirroring the various usage spaces within a Church. These venues can include:

  • Youth rooms
  • Fellowship halls
  • Chapels
  • Classrooms
  • Worship centers/sanctuaries
  • Informal gathering spaces
  • Conference rooms

Look for examples of currently available social VR worlds & apps on the Resources page.